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We offer you the opportunity to change your life in a better way. Whether you need a lover, or you need a friend to talk to because you feel lonely, or you just want to flirt a little bit just to spice things up then you came to the right place!

Through Online Vip Dating you will be able to chat, send messages, create profile descriptions, upload photos in order to fulfill your dreams.

Our main goal at Online Vip Dating is to offer you the joy of dating experience. In order to achieve this, we are using the latest technology to provide a high quality services. With us, you can find love in a safe and easy way!

Experience the joy of online dating with our chat portal!Join for free right now with Online Vip Dating and within few steps you can search for the right partner. Open your mind and soul and let the adventure begin!

Here you can read about our online dating service Terms Of Use. Online Vip Dating stays in touch with Data Protection and complies to Cyprus law in order to offer you the anonymity that you need.

Only your Online Vip Dating profilecan give you the opportunity to present yourself, setup a profile, upload pictures in order to find or be found by the right partner.

About Dating:

Here you can find love in a safe and easy way. We are working seriously to offer you the best possible online dating service, to help you find the person you have long been looking for. Our support team is prepared to help you as much as possible, to make things easier for you. You also can consult our;dating tips;section if you are looking for more information about how this thing works out.

Create your own Profile!

You have the possibility to create a free profile in order to search and look for other interesting profiles. When you decide that is time to make a move and you want to start contacting someone because you have found a match then is time to buy a credit package. Remember that if you buy bigger packs then it is cheaper for you to organize your messages. Be a member, find out more about our premium features and decide which package represents you!

Your wishes

Your wishes are like demands for us! Online Vip Dating will meet every single expectation that you may have! We offer you a very accurate partner search in order to provide you the perfect match!

We would be more than happy if you will find the right one for you, the one you are compatible with. At the end of the day this is about your future with your new partner.

Our Dating Community

Here you can find what you are looking for. You come in contact with interesting people who are in the same situation as you. Here you can arrange dates, fantasies, you can dream, you can fall in love and meet the right one for you. Avoid requirements and obligations, just let it come step by step. You can find excitement, maybe a one night stand or blind date, and you will find people who are looking the same thing as you. Find out what you want, there are no limits to your imagination. Our modern society emphasizes other wishes than those before. One wish is to be fulfilled in all possible aspects, find a link that is missing in your daily life. The answer can be found with us, so go ahead. What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for? With us you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for – whether you are a friend, a lover, a partner or just someone to talk to when you're feeling lonely. Enjoy!

About Dating

Enjoy your dates!

When you are looking for a new partner at Online Vip Dating is important that you feel completely safe. We want to give you the opportunity to find what you are looking for in a safe and pleasant manner. First of all the profiles must be approved by our administrative team. This way we make sure that your profile ( text and picture) complies to our rules.

Please note that it is not allowed to use unfit and abusive language in the profile text . If so your profile will not be approved. Our management team works 24/7 to provide you with the best possible service. Our work consists of approval of photos, profile text, and possible problems with payment and email responses. You also have the option of blocking members at anytime you want. This way you won't be able to visit your profile or search for your own profile on the page. If you are having troubles in your discussions ( e.g. you are insulted) you may notify our administration and we will take care of all your problems. Our goal as a team is to make you feel comfortable , safe and enjoying your dates.

Safe and Anonymously:

We recommend you at first to be more reserved and only after you have become closer with your partner to provide more information about yourself. It is important to do not share your full name, email address, mobile or any other important information about yourself in your presentation text or at the first contact with a partner. You will feel when the time is right to do so. It is very important to learn knowing the person you are in contact with. Online Vip Dating gives you the best possible service to communicate in a safe and secure manner. It is your choice to decide when is best for you to meet and communicate outside Online Vip Dating.

Your Say:

We all know that sometimes is very hard to make a good first impression and that it is possible to be a total disaster at the first attempt. You don't have to worry about this because there are many factors such as age differences, interest, appearance, geographic distances or personality that can intervene. One of the best things at Online Vip Dating is that you will be able to contact as many partners as you want. This way you can find the one that fits your need sand expectations in a safe and discreet manner.

Online dating allows you to describe yourself in an easier way. Maybe you are shy in real life and have trouble getting in touch with someone you like and that is why you can live out your fantasies, fall in love and find true love in an easy and anonymous way with Online Vip Dating .

It is important to upload the best photos on your profile. This way you will receive more attention and your chances of being contacted will rise. Often a picture says a lot about the person, and the other partner can form a more positive impression of you.

Remember it is you who decides what to do and when to do. Please do not let anyone push you into doing things you do not want. You will find that many are just looking for a good friend because they feel lonely and they need someone to talk to. You must not forget that you are not obligated to meet the person you are in contact with.

Date time:

When you will feel that you found someone good enough for you and you want to take the next step and meet, here is what we recommend you: It is best for you to meet in a public place and to choose a proper hour. Also you may want to take in consideration bringing a friend at your first date. This way you will feel more secure. Also it is not the time to ask your partner to pick you up from your home, or to bring him home with you. There is always a risk to date someone new because you don't know what's behind the personality. Use the tips above and you will feel more confident about your first date. We recommend you to be careful and use common sense, but don't forget that you are out to have fun so enjoy your date!

Anonymous dating:

Online Vip Dating gives you a safe and anonymous dating opportunity. It is very important to keep away the significant information about yourself at first. We want to offer you the newest and the best technology used in dating online services.

Safe dating:

We are aware that it is not always easy dating from the internet. Often you may encounter challenges that can cause you different emotions. Therefore, we have developed Online Vip Dating in order to give you the right confidence. We want to have a very good relationship with our members and we want to receive tips from our members in order to provide the best possible service.

Success Stories:

We are thrilled when our members find their true love through us. Online Vip Dating is happy if you are happy!!!

Find the right one:

Online Vip Dating offers you the possibility to search through profiles in order to find someone that fits your expectations. You can look for age, interests, job, marital status, photos, etc. This way you have more chances to find the right one for a long and safe relationship.

Do not be disappointed if you do not find from the begging your match. Our community is getting bigger and bigger every day. Maybe your match will find you!


At Online Vip Dating you will always be safe. Be careful at first and do not disclose your personal information. Remember that here you can search and contact anyone you want in order to chat or flirt, and all this without them knowing how you are. Let your identity remain anonymous until you are sure you found the right person. This way you can easily fall in love, but in a secure place

Search Features:

It is very important for you to make the best profile text, with clarity and honesty in order to increase your chances of finding someone. At Online Vip Dating there are many ways to find a partner. You never know what your future holds on.

There are no limits to the possibilities that awaits for you. You can select the age you are looking for, from the area you live in, people with images that are online. This way you can start with flirting. The same applies to someone who has smoking habits, religion, culture, appearance, alcohol habits and children. The more detailed you are the better. You can find your dream partner.

Present yourself:

When you create your profile, it is important to make it as complete as possible. The more details you gave, the greater are the chances of hits. Use layers of your presentation, make it exciting, diverse and personalized. Consider well who you really are, what qualities you have, and your life history. This is something that will bring you more visitors and many messages. More contacts gives you more chances to find the right one.

Based on your presentation, the visitors can make a first impression of you. Therefore you should make the best of your description and update it as often as possible. Upload as many recent pictures of you, that shows who you really are, giving as many details as possible.

Get in touch:

You should get in touch with the ones you want. This way you can upgrade your relationship. There are many opportunities out there but you are the only one who knows what is best . At first, it is important that you learn as much as possible about the person you are contacting. You can do this by reading his presentation, see his pictures, find out what you are interested to know more about. Feel free to ask about something you know the person is interested in and feel free to ask a question every time you want.


A diverse and updated presentation is very important because will provide great opportunities for a successful result and perhaps a new exiting contact. This way you will receive a lot of messages and remember one aspect: the more contacts you have the more chances you get finding the right one for you.


After you have made a good presentation, you are ready to look for the right one. You will find exciting single persons for a possible match. You will never know until you won't try.

Tips on Dating

Be polite and interested:

To say something in a funny or interesting questions style , increases the chances that you get a positive response. Remember that you are going a long way to take the initiative and show interest in the other. Even though many flirt online, they don't always take initiative.

Say the name:

You should mention the name of the partner you are chatting with. This way the communication is more personal.

View feelings:

When you are writing your chat text, it is allowed to show emotion. Remember that it should be personal and give an impression of who you are.

Give compliments:

Compliments often falls on good ground, only if they are honest and legitimate. To receive a compliment is something both men and women like.

Radiate positivity:

You will get far with a positive attitude and humour. Feel free to talk about past relationships that did not worked out and be honest and say what you want from an upcoming partner. Lack of sex is often a good way to talk about past relationships.


We recommend you to use common sense. It is a very good advice to follow . Never give out your full name, address, e-mail, mobile or account number in your profile text or conversations with others. When you agree to anything, this should occur in a public place. Feel free to include or tell a friend about your meeting, and possibly when you get home. Often, money or gifts are used as a bait for a date. Do not go along with it, or accepting money for sex. Prostitution is also illegal according to Cyprus law.


Don't be afraid and make the first step, do not wait for someone to contact you. When you make the contact means that you are interested and are willing to try your luck. Please be patient, do not be discouraged because sooner or later you will find happiness!


You can use images in order to give you a greater chance to succeed. You will get more contacts and your credibility will rise. It's easy to upload photos from your PC to the Online Vip Dating. If you are logged in you will find the instructions.

You need to join us; in order to upload as many photos as you wish!

Profile Text:

Remember, first impression means a lot, so it is important to write a profile text that will get someone interested in you. A long and exciting text is better than a short and empty one.


We recommend you to write as personal as possible. This way the person who contacts you will feel more interested and more serious. Please write a lot about yourself, your job, your hobbies, marital status and what you like. Is best to ask more interesting questions about what the person is interested in.


Humour is a very important part of a relationship. It will provide a positive contact. This way you will manage to get your partner to feel good. You can finish sentences with a smile and try to express your feelings with characters. A little humour it is welcomed among the serious.


It is important for you to inform yourself about the contact you want to make before making the actual contact. This way you make sure that you have the same interests and desires. The more similar you are, the grater are the chances for a relationship. The appearance is not all for a relationship, tone and chemistry matter more.


One of the best qualities one can have is honesty. You should tell it like it is and do not be afraid to do so. This reveals your personality and who you really are. All you need is to be yourself!


If there is anything you do not understand you can always contact our Support team via E-mail to info@vipmedialtd.com. Our support team will always respond as quickly as possible to all your questions.